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LED suspended luminaire for direct/indirect light emission, with central aluminium spine and two lateral transparent PMMA reflectors. The PMMA reflectors translate the lateral light output of the LED boards into a direct and indirect direction thanks to a laser micro engraving on the reflector. As a result Eiffel provides an optimal low glare, uniform and soft light emission. When switch off, Eiffel is transparent, when switch on turns to a solid white element. Available in several versions: with 120 mm side diffusers (Eiffel 320) or 200 mm side diffusers (Eiffel 480), with remote driver (body h = 20 mm) or on board driver (body h = 70 mm) for in-line mounting (with Master and Slave fittings). Eiffel 480 is also available in high power (UGR<22) and in comfort (UGR<19) versions.